Slaying the giants


Slaying the giants of fear, stress, anxiety and disease is a medical, Word-based strategy for victory over fear, stress, anxiety and disease.



Written by Dr. Rudi Buys

Victory over fear, stress, anxiety and disease

Harvard University announced that 87-95% of all diseases has its origin in the thought and emotional life… created by stress and fear.

Any stress is interpreted by the subconscious as a matter of life and death. Inearlier ages life or death was sorted out in about 20 minutes. Nowadays stress lasts 24/7 because it is ‘life threatening’. The body is not designed for stress 24/7. This damages the brain, emotions, body and organs because there is no recovery time.

Negative thoughts, stress, fear and anxiety have a direct influence on hormones and it has a direct effect on the body and its health.

This connection between thoughts and health is clear from this example: If you see a lion in the zoo, fear and the fear brain is switched off by VOICING: “Stop! Don’t fear. The lion is behind bars!”

Research found: To VOICE the Word out loud switches off the fear brain. Most of the stress and fear are caused by ‘lions’ that can’t be seen, like: fear, rejection, molestation, worries, guilt, unforgiveness, self-hate, impatience, low self esteem… This book supplies strategies and ONE ANSWER to fight these lions!

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