Freeing and Renewing the mind


Freeing and Renewing the mind is a practical workbook with a medical, Word-based strategy for the renewing of your mind and the healing of soul and body. The book teaches you how to get rid of toxic old thoughts, emotions and memories.



Written by Dr. Rudi Buys

God wants to heal the wounds in our emotions and thoughts!

The soul consists of the will, emotions, thoughts and memories. Everyone’s soul is wounded to a greater or lesser extent.

Our emotions, thoughts and memories get wounded, hurt and chained by rejection, intimidation, manipulation, stress, physical and mental abuse. This damages the wiring of the brain, compelling it to act in a primitive and reflexive manner when threatened with rejection, abuse or stress. When confronted by “threats”, the wounded soul manifests with the same primitive responses as the fight of flight reflex actions. When the wounded soul is threatened, for instance with rejection, the brain automatically retaliates with impatience, aggression, fear, worries… The wounded soul is like a slave and is chained to the hurts of previous wounds. The wounded soul is always busy with “war games” for the sake of survival. Somebody with an amputation doesn’t get a new limb after being born again. Similarly the damaged wiring of the brain and the soul wounds don’t automatically vanish after being reborn. These wounds cause a lot of pain to Christians who can’t seem to be able to reign over impatience, aggression, fear, worry, resentment or depression.

This brain “damage”is a physiological fact and can be detected by brain scans and abnormal blood levels of brain chemicals.

How can the wounded soul be healed, be saved and renewed?

  • Jesus came to set us free from the power of slavery! (1 John 3:8)
  • It is God’s desire and promise that we will reign in this life (Romans 5:17)
  • The Word has inherent power to renew your mind and bring healing and restoration to your wounded soul (James 1:21 and 1 Peter 1:9)
  • The Word and His Spirit is the Light that drives our the lies of rejection and fear, serting you free from the bondage of a hurt soul (1 John 4:18)
  • This book will help you to break the chains of a wounded soul
  • You will get insight into soul wounds and learn not to sabotage yourself
  • Practical Word strategies put into action will heal your thoughts and emotions and save your soul from hurts of the past
  • In time His Word seeds will germinate in your soul and bear the fruit of the Spirit to create Freedom and Renewal in your soul, making you a demonstration of His grace to the glory of Jesus Christ